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1 Hour Training


Learn about various topics in your own home. Topics range from Basic PC skills, Using the Internet, Buying/Selling on Ebay, Digital imaging, Digital Video, How to Avoid Spyware on the net.



We will figure out what is wrong with your pc and advise you on the best way to remedy the problem.

Advanced Tune Up


Extensive diagnosis to discover the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness or internet problems. Includes software repair, virus,spyware removal and physical cleaning.

Wireless Security Setup


Is your wireless network secure? If not, it could be an open invite for people to use your internet connection. It's been our experience that almost 80% of home users don't have the security features activated on their wireless router.

Need more power


Sometimes pc's just need a bit more horsepower. If you need a speed boost but don't want to buy a brand new pc, this service will help. We will find out what kind of system you have and come up with a game plan for boosting your pc's performance.

New PC consult


So your in the market for a brand new pc, but you have no idea what you need. We can help you with that too. You tell us what your needs are and what your price range is and we will research and consult with you on the best deal for your situation.

Knowledgeable friend


This is what Best Buy calls the person that a customer brings with them when then want honest advice on what to buy. This service takes the "New PC Consult" one giant step forward. We will meet* you at a computer retail store and "kick the tires". This is a hands on experience where you can test drive the technology that you are about to purchase. Sometimes it just helps to go look at the system. This service allows you to get answers from someone who has your best interest in mind.
*Birmingham area only (unless you have a private jet)

Home Network Install


This service consists of finding out what your goals are and consulting you on what items that need to be purchased (if any). We will then come setup/configure your network.
*Birmingham area only (unless you have a private jet)

Real World Accounting Upgrade.


Running an older version of Real World Accounting and want to transition to Quickbooks or something else? We can help.

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